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Financial Solutions MSC will guide you from the creation of your Corporation, to the submission of your quarterly and annual compliance reports , Federal & State. Our office will also "take you by the hand" in preparing your Corporate and Individual Tax Returns, so you can enjoy all the tax benefits our government grants us. 

Our Accounting Firm is well known for our "Low Fee, for an Excellent and Personalized Service" We take pride in knowing that we have never overcharged a client in over 16 Years of Operations. Before you engage in an expensive accountant relationship venture, know your Options and Possibilities.

Maintaining your Accounting is peace of mind,..Come aboard and experience for yourself, how well you are going to feel after a Financial Solutions MSC Free Consultation!

Client Services / Fees :  

Incorporations / $ 300.00 - 600.00 (C, S, LLC's)                                                      
Corporate Tax Preparation / $ 300.00 - 600.00                                 
Personal Tax Preparation / $ 90.00 - 250.00                           
Internal Auditing / based on Consultation 
Bookkeeping / based on Consultation - our median fees $ 300.00 monthly    
Accounting Systems Consultation 
IRS Audit Prep / based On Case
Operating Agreements / $ 300.00
Organizational Consents / $ 300.00
Contracts / based On Terms and Agreement
Attorney In Fact Services / based On Case
Notary Public Services

Our Domestic and International client base reflects the range of our expertise, and includes:

Advertising & Marketing Agencies
Real Estate Brokers
Mortgage Lending
Property Management
Title & Escrow Companies
Cleaning & Maintenance Companies
Retailers and Wholesalers
Insurance Agencies
Restaurants - Food and Beverage
Night Clubs - Entertainment
Distributing Companies